Bence Sarkadi

from October 3rd to 27th, 2023
Bence Sarkadi

Training objectives : String Marionette Construction and Manipulation Course

The two parts of this course will run in parallel: the skills of construction will support and supplement the mastery of manipulation while the skills of manipulation will help guide the process of construction, thus providing a deeper understanding of both the art and mechanics of the string marionette.

During the construction masterclass students will learn:

  • skills with basic and advanced tools and how to safely use them
  • how to design a basic marionette
  • skills of working with wood: the nature, qualities and correct choice of wood for marionettes
  • how to create carving blocks
  • how to create patterns for the various body parts and transfer them to carving blocks
  • how to carve the individual parts using a variety of possible tools
  • how to assemble the marionette
  • how to make a control system

During the manipulation masterclass phase students will:

  • learn about the logic of different marionette control systems and how they affect movement
  • learn advanced skills of string puppet manipulation with various string puppet types and systems
  • understand and practice the fundamentals of string marionette dramaturgy
  • work with music; create solo and duo scenes
  • work with complex marionettes requiring two manipulators
  • create a mini-performance
  • learn skills necessary to be able to practice on their own later on
  • gain enough confidence to never be afraid of working with string puppets

Hungarian puppet master Bence Sarkadi started working with string puppets in 1999 and began touring with his one-man puppet shows in 2007. He has performed in the streets and on the stages of 6 continents and has won prestigious awards all around the world. He has taught string marionette construction and manipulation at universities in Hungary, the UK, Romania and Poland, and at workshops around the world. He is the first and only Hungarian solo puppeteer to perform in the “IN” program of FMTM in Charleville-Mézières. He was also featured as a “super guest” at Temps d’M in 2022.