Admission by examination - 14th class (2024-2027)

The next ESNAM admission by examination (14th ESNAM class, 2024-2027) will take place in April 2024, with a start in September 2024.

Application requirements

  • The minimum age is 18 and the upper age limit is 26, as of 30 June 2024.
  • French baccalaureate or equivalent diploma.
  • At least one year of proven theatrical activity and/or equivalent other artistic practice (circus, dance, visual arts…).
  • Foreign candidates should have reasonably good French proficiency (B1).

Derogations on age limits and degree level may be granted after examination of the dossier by an internal committee, on the basis of a cover letter (your motives) sent by the applicant attached to his/her application form.


Written applications are assessed by the director of the ESNAM, the Academic director, and members of the ESNAM Teaching Committee, who may ask the candidates for additional information if deemed necessary to gain a complete picture.

The next admissions process will take place in April 2024.
It comprises three stages: an audition, a probationary workshop and the final entrance examination.
A letter will inform candidates selected for the admissibility tests.


  • The application form duly completed to be sent by email and by post (application form to come) ;
  • 3 recent identity photos and 1 full-body portrait (size:13 x 18 centimetres) ;
  • Integral copy of your valid ID or valid passport ;
  • Any document likely to take into account your artistic skills (photographs, video, drawings, texts…) ;
  • Your curriculum vitae ;
  • An attestation of the baccalaureate or an equivalent, French or foreign Diploma. Foreigners can obtain the attestation of equivalence Diploma from the Consulates of France ;
  • A bank draft, postal money order or bank transfer for 60€ (in 2021) (nonrefundable) to cover registration fees for the entrance exam (cheque to be made out to the Institut International de la Marionnette. “droits-inscription-concours + name and surname of the candidate” to be indicated on transfer order).