Steps for obtaining the diploma through VAE

The Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Comédien actor-puppeteer speciality can be issued by Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) to candidates providing proof of competences acquired in the exercise of salaried, non salaried, voluntary activities, etc. in direct relationship with the activities and competences defined by the reference document for this diploma.

“In the case of activities carried out in initial or continuing education, account can be taken of periods of training in a professional environment, work-immersion periods, practical training courses, operative preparation for employment and periods of practical training under an apprenticeship contract, a professional training contract or a single integration contract.

Account shall be taken of activities pursued for a period of at least one year, whether on a continuous basis or not, which are directly related to the diploma or professional title or certificate of professional qualification for which the application is submitted.

This duration is calculated on a number of hours corresponding to the actual full-time work period defined by the company in accordance with the determined reference period in application of Article L. 3121-41 of the Labour Code.

The duration of activities performed outside training must be greater than that of activities performed during training. »
(Decree No. 2017-1135 of July 4, 2017 relative to the implementation of the VAE)

Deadline for submission of the admissibility application: September 30, 2024

Review of the application: the decision on the application’s admissibility will be transmitted to candidates by the Institut International de la Marionnette no later than 2 months after the deadline for the submission of the admissibility packet.
Deadline for submission of the validation application: October 25, 2025
Validation selection board: December 2025

“For validation of acquired experience, the application’s admissibility phase is governed by the provisions of article R. 335-7 of the Education Code”.

  • Orientation and candidate information with the Institut International de la Marionnette
  • Creation of the admissibility packet

The admissibility packet is available upon request sent to :

The duly completed admissibility packet is to be returned to the Institut International de la Marionnette, 7 place Winston Churchill, 08000, Charleville-Mézières, accompanied by a cheque for 80€ to cover registration fees, payable to the IIM (Cheque cashed upon receipt of the packet, non-refundable).

Submission deadline September 30, 2024

  • Review of the application: notification of the admissibility decision by ESNAM no later than 2 months after the deadline for submission of the admissibility packet.
  • Research for programme funding and confirmation (optional)

“The candidate, having received a favourable decision for his or her application for admissibility, completes a validation application under the conditions provided for in article R. 335-8 of the education code.”

  • Assembling a validation application including a description of the skills, competences and knowledge mobilized during your experiences while carrying out the various occupations.
  • Personalised support (optional)
  • Submission of the file on October 25, 2025, that being two months before the meeting of the Institut International de la Marionnette validation selection board. (December 2025)

The date for the evaluation session will be within the first twelve months after the notification of the admissibility decision is sent.

  • Examination of the application and interview with the selection board
  • The board will require participation in a professional role-playing situation.

According to Article 14 of the February 1, 2008 decree (consolidated version as of May 25, 2015): “The diplôme national supérieur professionnel de comédien may be awarded, pursuant to the Decree of June 21, 2004 […], in whole or in part, through the validation of acquired experience, to candidates who can prove that they have acquired skills in the exercise of salaried, non-salaried or voluntary activities, continuously or not, directly related to the acting profession […]”.

  • complete validation: diploma award
    Validation of the DNSPC puppeteer-actor speciality, level II diploma (Bachelor’s
    degree qualification), allows for the continuation of studies for the master’s degree.
  • or partial validation: in this case, the selection board identifies the skills, competencies and knowledge that will be the subject of the additional assessment required to obtain the diploma.
  • or duly motivated refusal
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