IIM Awards

The IIM Awards - created in 2011 for Institute’s 30th anniversary - are granted by an international jury composed of artists, directors, programmers, university professors, and educators after consultation with French and foreign leading figures in the puppetry world.

  • The Award for Transmission celebrates a leading figure from the world of puppetry who has worked on training young generations of puppeteers with a view to transmitting his or her techniques and way of working through the elaboration and implementation of an adapted pedagogy.
  • The Award for Creation/Experimentation celebrates a young artist or a relatively recent company that has renewed the languages and practices of puppetry through experimentation and new aesthetic forms.
  • The Award for Research is given for a recent work of research which sheds new light on the arts of puppetry.

The trophy, a Püberg, was designed by Luc Amoros, great master of shadow theatre. It is a replica of the Püberg character, avatar of Punch and Karagöz, created by the artist over 30 years ago.

  • 2021 IIM Award for Creation / Experimentation

    2021 IIM Award for Creation / Experimentation

    Violaine FIMBEL (France)

    The Jury, composed of leading international figures in the world of puppetry, has chosen to distinguish Violaine Fimbel, artistic director of the Yôkaï Company, by granting her the 2021 IIM Award for Creation/Experimentation.

  • 2021 IIM Award for Transmission

    2021 IIM Award for Transmission


    After deliberation, the Jury chose to award the 2021 IIM Award for Transmission to Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya and to honour her for her contribution to contemporary education in puppetry.

  • 2021 - Honorary Püberg

    2021 - Honorary Püberg

    Michael MESCHKE (Germany/Sweden/France)

    The Jury unanimously chose to distinguish Michael Meschke for his entire career and for his work in education by awarding him a PÜBERG D’HONNEUR.