PAG « Small Festival of Puppet Theatres »

Globalised artistic project – Puppet Theatre
PAG « Small Festival of Puppet Theatres »
Petit Festival (PAG) 2013

Within the framework of the measures initiated by the Ministry of National Education, every year and in partnership with the Direction des Services Départementaux de l’Education Nationale des Ardennes, the Institut International de la Marionnette organises a reference PAG, but also PAGs that highlight practice and awareness of puppet techniques and theatres dedicated to the practice of puppetry.

Reference PAG
The aim of the project is to master and develop the practice of puppetry and the manipulated object in the educational and cultural framework of the School.
The project must enable the student to raise his or her awareness of the theatrical profession and the expressive particularities of puppetry.
It offers participants the opportunity to be actors, creators and audience members successively, and to acquire the necessary specific skills.
In fact, the final stage for implementing the PAG entails a mutual presentation of small theatrical forms conceived and realized by the students in the classes involved in puppetry practice.
This presentation takes place, with some exceptions, at the ESNAM theatre. Depending on the regions concerned within the department, the PAG final presentation can be relocated to cultural organisations such as the Rethel theatre, the MJC Calonne in Sedan, the Manège de Givet or the cultural centre of Nouzonville.

The PAG is intended for all teachers who wish to experience or develop a practice related to the art of puppetry and object theatre. To do so, a request for participation must be addressed to the Educational Service of Institut International de la Marionnette or to the Cultural Outreach Service (Service Action Culturelle) of the Services Départementaux de l’Éducation Nationale of the Ardennes.