Pôle de Ressources de l’Éducation Artistique et Culturelle des arts de la marionnette / Resource Centre for Culture and Art Education in puppetry arts
Préac 2019 - photo Christophe Loiseau

For National Education personnel and professionals in the cultural and socio-cultural sector

Since 2017, in partnership with the Canopé network of the Ardennes and the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes, the Institut International de la Marionnette educational service has made a Preac (Resource Centre for Culture and Art Education) in puppetry arts available to all academies.

The training takes place over four days and is built around a common theme developed by puppeteers and theatre practitioners. The primary goal of this training is to provide tools and resources to the trainee teachers for three years so that they in turn can pass these same resources on in their home academy.

Participants: teachers, artists, mediators, public relations managers, directors of cultural organisations, professionals in the socio-cultural and general education sectors, etc.

A four-day programme: conferences, practical workshops on puppet construction and manipulation (combined with shows and events at the Festival Mondial), discovery of resource locations (such as the Institute’s research centre).

The resources for the first PRÉAC are currently being developed and, like all the resources produced by the educational service, will be available for consultation on the PAM (Portail des Arts de la Marionnette). (Portail des Arts de la Marionnette).

With support from the Rectorat de Reims, the Prefecture of the Grand Est region and the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles of the Grand Est.