Good pieces of news for the PAM

Two excellent news for the sustainability of the Puppetry Arts Portal (PAM).
The PAM will soon be hosted on Huma-Num and it receives support from the DIN to achieve its goal for interoperability

The Puppetry Arts Portal (PAM) soon to be hosted on Huma-Num
A decisive step towards long-term sustainability!
Directors of the very large research infrastructure (TGIR) Huma-Num has validated the reception of the Puppetry Arts Portal on its hosting site.
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The PAM is supported by DIN in its efforts to achieve interoperability.
Another piece of good news for PAM at the end of 2020 is that it is exceptionally receiving support from the Département de l’Innovation Numérique (DIN) of the Ministry of Culture to produce the missing modules for finalising the interoperability of the PAM and for documenting them.
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