Employment incentives - 1st semester 2021

Three projects were selected: Titon et l’aurore by L’Opéra Comique, A ta place by Compagnie Za ! and “3” by Théâtre des Tarabates.

  • The Opéra Comique / Paris, for the hiring of 4 ESNAM graduates: Valentin Arnoux (11th class), Coline Fouilhé (10th class), Eli Neva Jaramillo (11th class), and Candice Picaud (10th class). For the show Titon et l’aurore (Titon and the Dawn) directed by Basil Twist (2nd class), with Philippe Rodriguez Jorda (1st class) collaborating in the implementation of the project.

  • The company ZA! for the hiring of Eve Bigontina (11th class) for the show A ta place (In your place), directed by Vera Rozanova (9th class).

  • Théâtre des Tarabates for the hiring of Valentin Arnoux (11th class) for the show 3, trois petites formes marionnettiques (3, three small puppet forms) directed by Philippe Saumont.