Continuing professional education

The workshops proposed by the Institut International de la Marionnette are high-level professional workshops, as summer ones. The courses are aimed at professionals, who are selected through a proposal and on their previous work. The participants in these courses are frequently from all over the world. The choice of tutors and students creates a mix between diverse artistic disciplines, to explore puppetry in relation to other art forms.

Next professional workshop
The orchestra of the invisible, on the creative process, directed by Yael Rasooly from14 to18 February 2022.

For any specific personal needs, disability or other, don not hesitate to contact us.

The workshops are aimed at professionals selected on file.

French candidates, or residing in France, may be supported by AFDAS, upon personal request to be made as soon as the application is submitted.
Foreign candidates should apply in advance for support from the following:

- Foundations and other relevant bodies, which give assistance to training programmes, promote culture etc. in your own country.
- Institut Français, addressing your request to the Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy of your country.

A training contract will be established with the selected candidates.
A workshop certificate will be issued by the Institute upon completion of the training.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of absolute necessity or an insufficient number of participants.