Recruitment aid for ESNAM graduates

Programme, conditions and selection
Recruitment aid for ESNAM graduates

For whom?

Companies / organizations hiring a young ESNAM graduate (1) as performer or constructor or assistant to the staging in the creation of a show, for a paid duration of at least 150 h (rehearsals + performance dates) (2) within 12 months of the favourable decision of the committee.
N.B: Ineligible for this programme are companies / organizations who hire a graduate benefiting in the same calendar year from a Tremplin residency (already supported by the Institute) or from this hiring assistance.

(1) young graduates: within 3 years of leaving ESNAM.

(2) As the financial aid is granted over a period of 3 years from the date of leaving ESNAM, this aid cannot be earmarked for rehearsal periods beyond these 3 years.

Example: an artist graduating in June 2019 - end of aid and maximum rehearsal dates taken into account in June 2022.

Conditions / application file

  • An artistic dossier for the creative work (production / programming dossier);
  • Presentation of the production budget by the company with details of the payroll (the budget will show the graduate’s remuneration as well as the financial assistance obtained or under review).
  • Presentation of the programming calendar: at least 10 scheduled performances, purchased or pre-purchased with a live performance contract, at least half of which by public theatres
  • The organization receiving aid from the Institute must be able to account for a prior request for assistance from FONPEPS (the Institute does not make this a sine qua non condition for its support, but the structure must at least be able to account for a FONPEPS request process).

Particular attention is paid to fair treatment in terms of remuneration of members of the artistic team.

Amount of recruitment aid

from 1,000€ to 2,500€ including taxes.

Commission for the allocation of recruitment aid

Commission members > Philippe Sidre, director / Brice Coupey, academic director / Brigitte Behr, executive and academic assistant / Cathy Wojeez, administrative assistant.

The commission will meet twice a year: in January and June of each year, 3 dossiers will be selected during each commission meeting.

  • For the January commission, the deadline for sending files is November 30.
  • For the June commission, the deadline for sending files is May 31.

The Institute will communicate the commission dates at least 3 months before the deadline for submission of applications, namely:

  • Information sent on March 1 for the commission in June;
  • Information sent on September 1 for the commission in January.

The information will be relayed via the Institute’s website and social networks. A newsletter will also be sent to companies and graduates who have left ESNAM in the last 3 years.
The answers will be communicated to the companies during the months of January and June, at the end of the commissions.


The Institute has a standard agreement model for contracts between the Institute and the assisted company (with, among other things, mandatory details and the payment rate), which it sends to the assisted company upon selection by the attribution commission.
The Company will be asked to send regular information during the creation period, to notify the Institute of performance dates and to provide a quota of invitations for the Institute team, dates to be agreed on by mutual agreement.