Brice Coupey

From 30 May to 22 June 2022 (Semester 2)
Brice Coupey
Photo Laurance Bellanger

UE 2 - Core courses
Module E: Creation of the end of year performance

(134h - 4 ECTS)

Objectives :
To provide the first complete experience of the creation process for a glove-puppet show with 16 performers.
To give each student first-hand practice in the complexity of a creation and the place and role of the performer in this configuration.
The choice of text will be based above all on the educational needs of this creation: a short text (maximum 45 minutes) allowing for an equal amount of acting and manipulation time for each student, and a collective production seeking simplicity for reasons of efficiency.
To provide a first performance experience in front of an audience in the best possible conditions.

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